As if the fact that they make rum in the less than tropic climate of Nova Scotia isn’t newsworthy enough, Lunenburg-based Ironworks Distillery is sending four barrels of rum on trip around the world.

Picton Castle

Bon voyage!

To celebrate the ship’s 7th and final round-the-world trip, Ironworks Distillery is sending their rum across the world aboard the Picton Castle, a stunning three-master tall ship.

The rum will be at sea for 15 months, which gives Ironworks the opportunity to test the effects of the oceans on the maturation of their rum.

The rum will be bottled upon return in May, 2019, as ‘Round the World Rum’. According to Ironworks the rum will not be colored, which could make this rum pretty close to what it would be like in the 1600’s.

Updates about this rum’s adventures can be found on the Ironworks Facebook page.