The most important people for Rum are the people who are passionate about the stuff. On this page we highlight some of the “players” in the global rum-community. Please let us know if you think something is missing!

Rum Bloggers

Rum Diaries (by Steven James)

The Rum Diaries Blog is a must-read online resource when you’re intersted in sipping rums. Author Steven James, who in his own words has been drinking rum since way before the legal drinking age, regularly writes in depth rum reviews with usefull tasting notes. This is one of those ‘must visit’ websites if you’re serious about sipping rums. Click here to visit the webiste.

More bloggers:

Clubs and Bars

Rum House Prague (previously Zum-Zum)

Possibly the best rum-bar in the world. Located in the heart of Prague, this bar offers a plethora of high-quality rums and great cocktails. The owner is a true Rum-lover and her small bar stocks over 500 rums. In a nutshell: Rum Disneyland. Highly recommended, and a must-visit when you’re in Prague!

For more info, visit our profile page: Zum Zum Rum Bar

Specialist Retailers

The retailers listed below specialise in rum and offer world wide shipping. Are we missing something? Please contact us!

Rum & Co

Rum und Co probaly is Germanies largest online rum retailer. They have great service and a great selection of great sipping rums, with a large offering of rums from Compagnie des Indes. They have a nice range of rum sampling kits as well. Also look out for their own bottlings, as they sometimes have some real gems.

Other people / groups

Lucy Douglas  the Rum Festival

As the founder / organizer of the Rum Festival, a “travelling festival, showcasing over 100 rums and some of the best rum cocktails from around the globe”, 2017 must have been a busy year for Lucy.

The Guardians of Rum

A group of people on a mission of safeguaring the future of quality rum, or in their own words: they’re about:

Promoting artisanal over industrial scale – something already inherent the law of the EU for whisky and Brandy, Distinguishing traditional methods over modern (20th century) developments – the kind of changes forbidden in EU law for many other spirits but have occurred for better or worse in rum, promoting transparent age statements over sleight of hand – something already required by law in the EU/USA but not enforced in rum, promoting pure rum over doctored rum (added wine, flavourings etc) – something already required by EU law but poorly enforced, celebrating rum’s diversity – but a diversity from the sugar cane not a suite of flavours in the hands of a “master blender.”

ACR – Authentic Caribbean Rum

The ACR was launched in 2008 as an inititiave of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers (WIRSPA) to promote Caribbean Rums. In their own words:

The Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque has been developed as a visual symbol of provenance and quality. Designed to help trade customers and consumers identify Authentic Caribbean Rum brands it is also used to promote the development of Authentic Caribbean Rum.

On paper, the ACR is mainly a visual marc, but they regularly organise informative evenings and tastings, so their also operate as an interest group.


The Rum Authority