(Updated september 13th 2017) Welcome to the Rumportal, a source of information for rum lovers world wide. This site was founded in 2001 by fellow rum enthusiast Dennis Klindrup, and redesigned by me, Alex Ganzeveld in 2015 and subsequently in 2017. In this third version of the site, we are shifting the focus towards news and the rum community at large:

What’s happening in the world of rum? Which new rums are out there, and where can I find them?

This means we are shifting away from the (outdated) static profile pages we continued to use in the previous version. Unquestionably very detrimental for our ranking in Google, but we want our content to be up-to-date and “fresh”.

Where we stand on certain things

Our content

We’re in it for the rum. Rumportal is trying to be as neutral as possible. We don’t judge. We don’t have (but we used to have) a forum, we don’t write reviews, we don’t ‘rate’ distilleries; we leave the tasting to the bloggers and the making to the producers, and on this site there’s equal room for both.


Drinking is ok. Drinking too much is bad, and drinking too much structurally is a problem. We firmly believe that rum is something that is to be enjoyed. Enjoyed in moderation by people of a legal drinking, but enjoyed non the less. Life’s too short to drink bad rum.

Rum as a spirit

We believe that rum is as great a spirit as whisky or cognac, and given the sheer endless number of styles it’s possibly even more interesing. On the downside, this also makes it pretty complicated for a consumer to buy a bottle of rum based on “specs”. We would like the rum shelves in liquor stores to be a little more, shall we say, structured.


Please let us know when you find any incosistencies, errors or when you have aditional information for a page. As said, almost all of the work on this site has been done during a trip through South America, and I know that there’s a lot of errors both in the code and the content.