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Stark Spirits California Silver 151rum

Published on February 6, 2016

Califonian overproof white rum made by Stark Distillery. Made from both molasses as well as fresh sugar cane juice and bottled at a whopping 75.5% abv.

Description taken from the Stark Spirits website:

Stark Spirits California Silver 151 RUM is setting the standard for California style Overproofed RUM’s. Reminiscent of pacific island adventures, fresh sea air, sailing, surfing, and California beaches, Stark Spirits California Silver 151 RUM is smooth, delicious. Even at such high proof, this RUM maintains a terrific natural clean RUM flavor. Crafted from molasses and pure cane sugar. It’s a RUM you’d only find made by american craft distillery.

Try in your favorite super rum powered cocktail or Tiki drink. With a fire that is real, use it in a fondue, party punch, or your flaming dessert.

Our 151 Rum is handcrafted in small quantities and available in limited releases.