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Braddah Kimo’s Mo’Bettah Silvah Rum 80 Proof— rum profile

Braddah Kimo's Mo'Bettah Silvah Rum 80 Proof by Haleakala Distillers.

Notes by David H. Larsson and Dennis Klindrup:

A white rum with a sweet, youngish nose. Very fresh and light with a hint of melon. The taste is very much like the nose; sweet, fresh and easy. The finish is longer than expected. A drop of water added does not change the rum, but nose, taste and finish will be stronger.
This rum is a mixer with a big potential. But apart from mixing the rum could be taken straight and ice cold to marinated herring. Another suggestion could be to pour it over water melon cut in small pieces. Not a bad dessert.

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