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Known issues

Probably THE most worrying part of this website: the known issues. This page mainly functions as a reminder for myself on what still needs to be done technically.

There’s been a lot of work lately on the technical infrastructure of the site. We’ve made a lot (A LOT) of changes to the way the site functions behind the screen, and are working on improving both the speed and the stability of the site. The list below gives an overview of the issues we’re currently working on:

Top priority:

  • Updating the most important content pages
  • Write an introductory text for /rum/ and /distillery/
  • Add a search block to /rum/ and /distillery/

High priority:

  • Improving the overall UI of the site: basically giving you the information you need when you need it 😉
  • Getting rid of spelling errors. I’m slightly dyslectic, and since I’ve been writing most of the texts herem there’s probably an awfull lot of spelling errors. We’re in serious need of someone to review our texts.
  • Hide server signature in server config
  • Add admin panel input fields for contact data

Medium priority:

  • Getting the breadcrumbs to function correctly
  • All items and home: thumbnail size max dimensions a standing rectangle instead of a square, because bottles are tall 😉
  • Visually seperate the posts on the homepage more
  • Other rums by distillery x: exclude the current rum
  • Show specs for a rum (when available), similar to see also
  • Checken why some distilleries don’t have contact details when they should
  • Add Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru country profiles
  • Add Weber Haus
  • Move .htaccess stuff to server conf. X-xss, serverSignature etc
  • Change general contact form mail subject
  • Create a default setup for country profiles texts
  • Distillery profile rum lists doesn’t show h3 titles
  • Change category page title from last post to the specific category
  • Introductory text and new events for on the events page
  • In the spotlight: add a prime position iwth an introducary text for the number one member/rum/distillery

Low priority:


  • Search functionality doesn’t work as intentded
  • The layout of the news page is wrong
  • Removing the white bar below every template
  • Search results page shows strange blue things
  • Homepage: get rid of the blanc published on fields
  • Making sure the technical pages like the sitemap work correctly
  • Page templates don’t show the correct content
  • Improving the server response time – ongoing story, solved for now by switching to a cdn and optimising the code.
  • Reducing the number of 404’s due to faulty url mapping – ongoing story, but solved for a great part by adding a hook and a redirect function
  • Logolink: change the subtext into the description
  • Change the order of the blocks on a country profile
  • Change pipes into : in the title tag
  • Check why some country pages don’t render correctly
  • Making sure the title-tags, descriptions, etc make sense, without using bloaty plugins – Ongoing story, part of SEO now.
  • Change the title of archive pages from post title to archive – Needs to be tested.
  • Add contact info to community overview page
  • Community overview page: the ‘in the spotlight’ block doesn’t render correctly with more than 3 itemslikely solved. CDN caches the CSS, so I couldn’t test this, but the code worked in T.

Is something wrong or missing? Please let us know!

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