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Trois Frères Distillery— distillery profile

More detailed information about Trois Frères Distillery.

Founded in 2002, Trois Freres is quite a young company, but interesting nontheless. Trois Freres uses sugar cane grown on the island of Mahe, and is distilled in a typical fashion: they have a pot still and two copper collumn stills. The pot still is used for a primary distillation, and the second or third distillation happens in one of the collumn stills. This is odd, seen that collumn stills were designed to make distilling a continuous process, instead of in batches.

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Rums made by Trois Frères Distillery:

Takamaka Bay White Rum
Takamaka Bay St. André Rhum Vesou
Takamaka Bay St. André 8 year old
Takamaka Bay Dark Rum
Takamaka Bay Coco Rum

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