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Stark Spirits Distillery— distillery profile

Stark Spirits is a young craft distillery in Pasadena California. With 1200 square feet of working space, Stark Spirit is a micro distillery in the true sense of the word.

Founded in 2013 by Greg Stark and his wife Karen Robinson-Stark, their first product (Stark Spirits California Silver Rum) was bottled on november 15th 2014.

They also produce whisky and an orange eau-de-vie that’s aptly called ‘sunshine’. The future product line will also consist of aged rum as well as aged single malt whiskey.

Stark Spirits has an artisanal approach and they operate a copper Hoga pot still.

Although they are a micro distillery, they do offer tours. For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact the distillery. See contact details below.

Rums made by Stark Spirits Distillery:

Stark Spirits California Silver Rum
Stark Spirits California Silver 151
Stark Spirits California Gold

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