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JM Crassous de Medeuil— distillery profile

More detailed information about JM Crassous de Medeuil.

Also know as Rhum JM. A great little distillery from Martinique, producing some top quality rum. The sugarcane comes from Habitation Bellevue, and the juice is ready to ferment only one hour (I repeat: ONE HOUR!!!) after harvesting. Matured in warehouses on the island itself, the JM Rhums have a great reputation. Visit their website for more information.

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Rums made by JM Crassous de Medeuil:

Très Vieux Rhum Agricole XO
Très Rhum Vieux JM 15 ans
Très Rhum Vieux JM 10 ans
Rhum Vieux Agricole VSOP
Rhum Blanc Agricole AOC
Rhum Agricole Élevé Sous Bois
JM Crassous de Médeuil
Cuvée Prestige JM
Cuvée du Fondateur JM

Other distilleries in Martinique:

Trois Rivieres
Saint James

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