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Industria De Licores Del Valle— distillery profile

Producer of the Marques del Valle Brand.

Founded in 1921 with the help of Spanish distilling expert Diego Zafra Delgado. It started life as an income generator for the local government, but was privatized in 1945, the same year in which they started planning a new distillery with modern equipment. Work started in 1953 and continued uptill 1956. On the 7th of august of that year a couple of truckloads of dynamite accidentaly exploded next to the plant, but luckily nobody got injured, and the distillery survived.
The distillery was updated in 1976 and 1977, and in 1980 the company acquired the San Martin distillery. All of the production was moved to the San Martin plant in 2003, and nowadays the site uses three collum stills with a total capacity of 60.000 liters of alcohol a day.

Rums made by Industria De Licores Del Valle:

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