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Fabrica Nacional de Licores— distillery profile

More detailed information about Fabrica Nacional de Licores.

Also known as FANAL. Relatively large alcohol production plant that produces rums like Ron Magallanes and Guaro Cacique. Since they seem to be the only Costa Rican distillery to legally produce potable alcohol (there’s another one called CATSA ( but they seem to distill industrial alcohol only), it is not clear whether they also supply the rum for Ron Centenario. The website of Centernario S.A. doesn’t give any details on the distillation process.

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Rums made by Fabrica Nacional de Licores:

Ron Viejo
Ron Marques
Ron Magallanes Centenario
Ron Colorado Cacique

Other distilleries in Costa Rica:

Seagram de Costa Rica S.A.

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