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Diamond Distillery— distillery profile

More detailed information about Diamond Distillery.

In the 17th century more than 300 sugar estates had their own distillery producing their own signature rums. Through the centuries these estates and distilleries have been amalgamated into Demerara Distillers, including names like Versailles, Port Morant (Mourant), Enmore, Uitvlught, Diamond and Savalle.

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Rums made by Diamond Distillery:

Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum
El Dorado Superior White
El Dorado Superior Gold
El Dorado Superior Dark
El Dorado Spice Rum
El Dorado Special Reserve 15 YO
El Dorado PM Single Barrel
El Dorado Millenium 25 YO
El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel
El Dorado EHP Single Barrel
El Dorado 8 YO
El Dorado 5 YO
El Dorado 3 YO
El Dorado 25 YO 1980 Vintage
El Dorado 21 YO Special Reserve
El Dorado 15 YO Special Reserve
El Dorado 12 YO

Other distilleries in Guyana:

Port Mourant Estate Distillery
Enmore Distillery

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