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Destilerias Unidas S.A.C— distillery profile

More detailed information about Destilerias Unidas S.A.C.

The largest producer of rum in Peru, and the distillery behind the famous Cartavio brand. Located north of Trujilo in Santiago de Cao The very modern distillery uses both pot stills and (vacuum) collumn stills, and produces anything from industrial ethyl alcohol through to great sipping rums.

Since the distillery was founded by the Cartavio Sugar Company, it is very likely that nowadays they still source their sugarcane and molasses from Peru.

Their 14 warehouses hold no less than 46.000 barrels of rum, made of both European and American oak.

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Rums made by Destilerias Unidas S.A.C:

Ron Cartavio XO
Ron Cartavio Gran Black 3 YO
Ron Cartavio Gran Ambar
Ron Cartavio Gold
Ron Cartavio Black
Ron Cartavio 7 YO
Ron Cabo Blanco Platino
Ron Cabo Blanco Limón
Ron Cabo Blanco Dorado
Ron Antiguo de Solera
Ron Aniversario Cartavio
Cartavio Rum
Cartavio Old Rum of Solera 12 YO
Cartavio Blanco (Silver) Superior Rum

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