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Barbancourt House— distillery profile

Probably not the only distillery in Haiti, but likely the only legal one in this tumultuous country. And what a great distillery it is!

Distillerie Barbancourt produces some high quality rums. Contrary to most other (former) French Colonies instead of a pot-still, they operate two collumn stills. One made of stainless steel, and the other made of copper.

The rhum is distilled at a whopping 96% abv. See this blog for a nice report on Barbancourt:

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Rums made by Barbancourt House:

Barbancourt Traditional White
Barbancourt Three Stars 4 YO
Barbancourt Reserve Special 8 YO
Barbancourt Five Stars 8 YO
Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 YO

Other distilleries in Haiti:

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