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Antigua Distillery— distillery profile

Producers of English Harbour rum. They seem to operate a collumn-still, and distill to the remarkably high strength of 95% abv. Interestingly enough they use both bakers yeast as well as wild yeast in their fermantation.

According to their website, ‘the aging period is never less than 2 years’, and maturation happens in charred bourbon barrels with ‘a handful of oak chips’ added to them to ‘enhance the interaction of oak and rum’.

The Ministry of Rum has a great page on this distillery, see:

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Rums made by Antigua Distillery:

English Harbour Light
English Harbour Gold
English Harbour Extra Old
English Harbour 5 YO
English Harbour 3 YO
Cavalier Muscovado
Cavalier Light
Cavalier Gold
Cavalier Extra Old
Cavalier 5 YO
Cavalier 151 Proof

Other distilleries in Antigua & Barbuda:

Jumby Bay Distillery

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