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Angostura— distillery profile

Although most people know Angostura for their aromatic bitters (the ones with the oversized label), they also produce some very, very nice rums, perfectly suitable for sipping.

Angostura is one of my personal all-time favorites. In their own words, their rums are ‘100% Trinidadian, made in one distillery on one Island. Much like a single malt only better’. Angostura started of making aromatic bitters only, but around 1877 they diversified to blending rum. At first they imported their rum, but in 1945 they bought the Trinidad Distillers Ltd distillery. Visit the pages below for more info:


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Rums made by Angostura:

TDL Puncheon Rum
Royal Oak Rum
Old Oak White Rum
Old Oak Gold Rum
Forres Park Rum
Fernandes Vat 19 Gold Rum
Fernandes Black Label Rum
Angostura Limbo Drummer
Angostura 5 YO Gold
Angostura 5 YO Dark
Angostura 3 YO White
Angostura 1919
Angostura 1824

Other distilleries in Trinidad & Tobago:

Trinidad Distillers Ltd.
Fernandes Distillers

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