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Amrut Distilleries Ltd— distillery profile

One of few Indian distilleries that succesfully managed to put themselves on the radar with rum- and whisky connoisseurs. Their whiskies are great, and their rums are also very decent.

Their best known rum is the Old Port Deluxe, a rum made entirely from Indian grown cane.

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Rums made by Amrut Distilleries Ltd:

Red Star XXX Rum
Old Port XXX Rum
Old Port Deluxe White Rum
Old Port Deluxe Matured Rum
Amrut’s XXX Rum
Amrut White Rum

Other distilleries in India:

The House of Khodays
South Seas Distillery
Som Distilleries Ltd
Sikkim Distilleries Ltd.
Shiva Distilleries Ltd.

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