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Rum distilleries around the world

Welcome to our distillery database. Below you will find a list of rum and cachaça distilleries grouped by their geographical region.

We try to be as complete as possible, but we know that there are many rum producers that are not yet on our website. In order for a distillery to enter our list it has to meet the following criteria:

  • It has to produce rum, or a distillate that is technically similar to rum. For example: we do include Cachaça distillers, but don’t include Arrack distillers, since it is made partially from fermented rice.
  • For a company to be listed as an active distillery, it has to DISTILL rum. Rum blenders that started life as a distillery will not be listed as distilleries but as blenders. The original distillery will be added as a so called ‘silent’ distillery.
  • If it is not clear whether a company is still distilling rum we will change it’s status to ‘unclear’. At the moment the distillery status is not on the profile pages yet, but it is on our to-do list.
  • Whether a distillery is quintessential is open for debate. We have room for five distilleries in the ‘Quintessential’ section, and we’ve listed the distilleries that we think are most important. We realize that this is very arbitrary, and are open for (argumented) suggestions.

Quintessential Rum Distilleries:

Appleton Estate Angostura Diamond Distillery

Rum distilleries by region:

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