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USA, Virgin Islands— country profile

The new home of the rum used in Captain Morgan. The Virgin Islands made DIAGEO (the spirits giant that owns the Captain Morgan brand) an offer they couldn't refuse: a juicy tax break in return for 30 years of rum production at St.Croix distillery.

Profile page for USA, Virgin Islands. We’re working on a more detailed description.

Rum community in USA, Virgin Islands:

It seems we don't have any information on this. Yet.

Distilleries in USA, Virgin Islands:

Cruzan Rum Distillery
Captain Morgan Distillery

Blenders in USA, Virgin Islands:

A. H. Riise Custom Rums

Rums from USA, Virgin Islands:

Old St. Croix Light Rum
Old St. Croix Dark Rum
Old St. Croix
Mel’s Atocha Gold
Matecumbe Dark
Knockemdown Key 151
Islamorada Light
Guava Rum
Estate Diamond
Durdy White
Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum
Cruzan Pineapple
Cruzan Orange
Cruzan Light
Cruzan Junkanu Citrus
Cruzan Estate Diamond
Cruzan Dark
Cruzan Coconut
Cruzan Clipper 120
Cruzan Banana
Cruzan 151
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
Bay Rum
Atocha Gold Spiced
A. H. Riise Navy Rum

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