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United Kingdom— country profile

Home of many brands and indepentdent bottlers, and the spritual home of Navy rum.

Profile page for United Kingdom. We’re working on a more detailed description.

Rum community in United Kingdom:

Rum Diaries Blog

Distilleries in United Kingdom:

It seems we don't have any information on this. Yet.

Blenders in United Kingdom:

United Rum Merchants Ltd
Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Ltd.
Bristol Spirits Limited
Alnwick Rum Company

Rums from United Kingdom:

Southard`s Western Pearl White Rum
Santigo Superior Light Rum
Santigo Dry White Rum
Red Heart Rum
Light Hart Rum
Lemon Hart Golden Jamaica Rum
Lamb’s Navy Rum
Daiquiri Rum
Bristol Classic Rum
Black Heart Rum
Alfred Lamb’s Pale Gold
Alfred Lamb’s Special Reserve Rum 1938

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