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Jamaica— country profile

When you say Jamaica you say rum: Jamaica and rum are inseperable. While the locals quench themselves with bold and highly flavoursome rums like Wray's Overproof White, people outside of Jamaica probably think of the characterfull dark rums like Appleton Estate 12.

Profile page for Jamaica. We’re working on a more detailed description.

Rum community in Jamaica:

It seems we don't have any information on this. Yet.

Distilleries in Jamaica:

National Rums of Jamaica Ltd.
Hampden Estate
Geo. Eustace Burke & Bros. Ltd.
Appleton Estate

Blenders in Jamaica:

Smatt’s Rum
Grange Hill Products Co.
Fred L. Myers’s & Son
Edwin Charley (Ja) Ltd.

Rums from Jamaica:

Wray & Nephew White Overproof
Smatt’s Silver
Smatt’s Gold
Smatt’s Black
Myer’s Original Dark
Jamaica Rum
Edwin Charley’s White Label
Colonial Rum
Carib Spice
Appleton White
Appleton V/X
Appleton Special
Appleton Extra 12
Appleton Estate 250th Anniversary
Appleton 21 YO

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