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India— country profile

Since India has a very large popultion, it produces incredible amounts of distilled spirits, but very little of what they produce gets on the radar internationally.

Profile page for India. We’re working on a more detailed description.

Rum community in India:

It seems we don't have any information on this. Yet.

Distilleries in India:

The House of Khodays
South Seas Distillery
Som Distilleries Ltd
Sikkim Distilleries Ltd.
Shiva Distilleries Ltd.
Rampur Distillery
Premier Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.
Lucknow Distillery
Kerala Alcoholic Products (P) Ltd.
Katra Liquor
India Brewery and Distillery
Empee Distilleries Ltd., Nida Plant
Empee Distilleries Ltd., Mevaloor Kuppam Plant
Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Ltd.
Bharat Distillery
Appollo Alchobev Ltd.
Anab-E-Shahi Wines & Distilleries (P) Ltd.
Amrut Distilleries Ltd

Blenders in India:

United Spirits Limited

Rums from India:

Wild Horse Rum
Wild Horse Gold Reserve Rum
Victoria XXX Rum
Victoria XXX Rum
Tropicana Rum
Trafalgar XXX White Tropical Rum
Trafalgar XXX Dark Tropical Rum
Sixer XXX Rum
Sikkim XXX Prize Rum
Sikkim Teesta White
Sikkim Striking Lion
Sikkim Snow Lion White
Sikkim Black Cat
Shivas XXX Rum
Shivas XXX Rum
Sea Pirate Rum
Rhino XXX Rum
Red Star XXX Rum
Rambo XXX Rum
Power XXX Rum
Power XXX Rum
Palace XXX Rum
Old Secret XXX Rum
Old Port XXX Rum
Old Port Deluxe White Rum
Old Port Deluxe Matured Rum
Old Monk XXX Rum
Old Cask
Oak Vat Rum
Oak Vat Rum
Nirvana Rockers Punch Rum Cola
Nigro Hemans XXX
Monitor 3D Gold Rum
McLene XXX Rum
McDowell’s Celebration No.1
Mazdoor xxx Rum
Mazdoor xxx Rum
Marco Polo XXX Rum
Marco Polo XXX Rum
Lord Nelson XXX Matured Rum
Khoday Rum
Kay Kay Dark Rum
Island XXX Rum
India’s Pride XXX Rum
Hercules Rum
Golden Bell Rum
Gold Maker White Rum
Empee’s Sixer XXX Rum
Empee’s Sixer XXX Rum
El Canso XXX Rum
El Canso White Rum
El Canso Gold Rum
Double Bull XXX Dark Rum
Django XXX Rum
Diamond XXX Rum
Democrat Rum
Delight XXX Rum
Contessa XXX Rum
Contessa Select XXX Rum
Commando XXX White Rum
Citizen XXX Rum
Chitra XXX Dark Rum
Black Fort XXX
Amrut’s XXX Rum
Amrut White Rum
All Gold Premium XXX Rum
All Gold Premium XXX Rum
All Gold Premium White Rum
3 Soldiers Rum
3 Horse XXX Rum

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