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Guyana— country profile

One of the most intriguing of the rum producing nations. Guyana contains a host of monumental stills that would fit nicely on the Unesco World Heritage list. And they produce some truely awesome rums. I highly recommend reading this in depth article on Barrel Ages Mind if you want to know more about rum in Guyana: It's a but of a read, and pretty in depth, but very informative.

Profile page for Guyana. We’re working on a more detailed description.

Rum community in Guyana:

It seems we don't have any information on this. Yet.

Distilleries in Guyana:

Port Mourant Estate Distillery
Enmore Distillery
Diamond Distillery

Blenders in Guyana:

Banks DIH Ltd.

Rums from Guyana:

Xtra White Rum
XM Royal Gold 10 YO
XM Royal Extra Mature 10 YO
XM Millenium 12 YO
XM Classic Light
XM Classic Dark
XM 7 YO Demerara Sherry Cask
Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum
El Dorado Superior White
El Dorado Superior Gold
El Dorado Superior Dark
El Dorado Spice Rum
El Dorado Special Reserve 15 YO
El Dorado PM Single Barrel
El Dorado Millenium 25 YO
El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel
El Dorado EHP Single Barrel
El Dorado 8 YO
El Dorado 5 YO
El Dorado 3 YO
El Dorado 25 YO 1980 Vintage
El Dorado 21 YO Special Reserve
El Dorado 15 YO Special Reserve
El Dorado 12 YO

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