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Rum blenders and bottlers

The practive of blending rums from different distilleries is almost as old as rum itself. Throughout the years many blenders and bottlers have come and gone, and some are here to stay.

Many rum brands are based on a mix of rums from different distilleries. The situation is very similar to that of blended whiskies, but due to loose regulations, it’s not always clear whether a rum is a blend or a ‘single distillery’ rum.

At the Rumportal we consider every rum a blend, and every producer of rum a blender, untill proven otherwise. For example: Bacardi operates a several distilleries, but bottle their rums under the Bacardi label. Because it is not clear if the rum in the bottle is from one specific distillery, we consider Bacardi a blend.

On the other hand, Weber Haus produce different brands of Cachaça, but because they are made in the Weber Haus distillery, we consider them ‘single distillery’ rums.

Below is an overview of rum blenders and bottlers grouped by region. Please feel free to comment on any errors or omissions.

Noteworthy blenders / bottlers:

Captain Morgan Bristol Spirits Limited Stroh-Rum

Bottlers and blender by region:

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