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Stroh-Rum— blender profile

More detailed information about Stroh-Rum.

Profile page for Stroh-Rum. We’re working on a more detailed description.

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Rums made by Stroh-Rum:

Stroh Rum Lakritz Liqueur 38%
Stroh Rum 38%
Stroh Original 80%
Stroh Original 60%
Stroh Original 54%
Stroh Original 40%
Stroh Original 38%
Stroh Jagertee 60%
Stroh Inländer Rum 80%
Stroh Inländer Rum 60%
Stroh Cristal 80%
Stroh Cream Liqueur 15%
Stroh Caribbean Rum
Stroh Alpenjager Jägertee 15%

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