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We're currently running this site on our own funds. We're open for sponsorship suggestions, but there's some buts...

We would love it if people would support us in keeping the site up and running. We’re trying to get the content up to date, so t this point the best way of sponsoring us is reviewing and writing some content. Please send us an email if you’d like to lend a helping hand.

If you’d like to support our site with financial funds, or otherwise: we’re open for suggestions, but would like to inform you that we won’t ‘censor’ our content. Since we’re trying to be as informative and objective as possible, and are open for changes in our content so long as they add to the overall goals of the site.

Because we, the new owners of the site, aren’t aware of any ‘live’ we haven’t migrated banners and other sponsor content to the new site. If you had a sponsorship agreement with the previous owner of this website in the past, and feel that we you’re missing out on something, please let us know and drop us an email using the contactform.

Is something wrong or missing? Please let us know!

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