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The Rum Portal is a private and completely independent site. The goal is relatively modest: To offer basic information (and links to more information) about all rum distilleries, bottlers and blenders in the world. I do my best to ensure that the information provided is as correct and accurate as possible, however I will take no responsibility for any error or mistake.

It started as a hobby, where I was collecting information about whisky distilleries. Since I was also interested in rum I started to look around for information about rum distilleries. During the search I realised that there was a lot of places on the internet with some information - but I never found one single site with all the information I was looking for. It was obvious to me that I should create a database similar to the whisky database, being publicly and freely available. So in the spring 2001 I was ready to launch The Rum Portal.

I would like to thank everyone involved for contributing and being helpful. I have always tried to avoid "stealing" information, and has preferred to link to it instead.

The pictures used has primarily been sent to me by the distilleries, but also several individuals have been helpful.

A warm thank you to all. Without you this site would never be here.

Dennis Klindrup

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